Should You Take Garcinia Cambogia With or Without Potassium?

Should You Take Garcinia Cambogia With or Without Potassium?Garcinia cambogia has recently come to the fore as one of the best and safest weight loss supplements available today. It contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which helps reduce appetite, cause for lower absorption of fat in the intestines and reduce the urge to overeat. The question on many people’s minds, however, is whether or not it is safe to take garcinia cambogia with potassium. The answer is that it is safe to take it and it is also recommended. To understand why, let us first understand what potassium is and what it does for the body.

Potassium is a common mineral that is very important when it comes to nerve function. In order for the body cells to transmit nerve impulses, they have to be turgid and in good balance. This is enabled by potassium; in short, it works with sodium or common salt to maintain water balance in the body so that cells can remain rigid enough for transmission. Without it, several things can go wrong in the body including heart problems. Potassium is also found in plant sources so you can get it by eating fruits and vegetables.

The problem, however, is that when you are taking supplements like garcinia cambogia the body is deprived of some of the most basic elements that it needs for proper function including potassium. This means that cells have the potential of going limp resulting in a series of health problems; the heartbeat, for instance, starts to have an irregular beat and if not corrected, this can be fatal.

It is with this in mind that some manufacturers make garcinia cambogia with potassium – they reduce the risk of dehydrating body cells while taking the supplement. Potassium also helps the body absorb the HCA because it dissolves in water.

If you buy a brand of garcinia cambogia that doesn’t have potassium you can get it by eating foods that have it. Some of the most common sources include bananas, potatoes, oranges, raisins, avocado, spinach, nuts, milk and more. This is especially important if you lose a lot of your hydration through sweat.

Is there a recommended dosage?

Yes there is and it goes higher the older we get. People who are 18 and older should consume at least 4.7G of potassium per day. Garcinia cambogia brands come with different dosages but they can never exceed 99MG per serving. Taking too much potassium damages cells and can cause gut inflammation.

Now you know that garcinia cambogia with potassium is healthy for you. Buy yourself some today.