How To Find The Best Garcinia Pills

Though there is no one ‘best pill’, there are some basics to look out for when trying to access the best Garcinia Cambogia pills that will ensure you get the desired results. These include:

  • The best Garcinia Cambogia Pills do not contain Calcium

Although Calcium is present in most fat burning supplements, it should not present in Garcinia Cambogia. This is because calcium impairs the effectiveness of HCA (Hydroxycitric acid) which is the active ingredient that aids in weight loss in this particular supplement. When HCA is not effective this supplement does not work as expected therefore you will not lose as much weight as you would have if the HCA was fully functioning.

  • Contains 50 % HCA (Hydroxycitric) acid

Since this is the main active ingredient that aids in weight loss, any supplement you purchase must contain between 50 and 60% of it. Additionally, the quality (pure) of HCA should be relatively high a purity of 95% will suffice.

  • Go for manufacturer’s who offer 100% pure premium grade product

It is important to ensure that the supplement you end up buying is pure premium grade which is highest and best quality available. Premium grade Garcinia Cambogia is absolutely free from artificial ingredients such as binders and fillers.

  • Choose a brand Manufactured in an FDA Registered facility

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for ensuring that all drugs and supplements sold for public consumption are not only effective but are also safe for human consumption. Every laboratory that is recognized and approved by the FDA is given a CGMP Certification. An authentic brand of Garcinia Cambogia will clearly indicate on the packaging the laboratory that manufactures the pills that you intend to buy. It is advisable to avoid buying from seller’s who do not include clear information about the laboratory that manufactured the pills you intend to consume.

  • Look out for USP (US Pharmacopeia) Integrity

The purity of the ingredients used to make a supplement will determine how effective it is in helping lose weight. When a product meets USP quality standard, it is an indication that the ingredients used have a high level of purity.