Why You Should Get Garcinia Cambogia With HCA

If you are trying to lose weight it is possible that you have heard about garcinia cambogia with HCA. This miracle supplement has helped thousands of people lose weight in just a few short weeks. So what is it and how does it work? Garcinia cambogia comes from countries in South Asia. The natives of these countries have traditionally used it to treat common ailments and also as a condiment for curries and sea food. The supplement comes from the rinds of a fruit that’s found on a tree that bears the same name.

Not so long ago it was discovered in the West as a weight loss agent. Its active ingredient is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). It is this acid that helps with weight loss by doing several things:

– It blocks fat from being absorbed through the stomach walls. When you eat carbs and starches they are converted into sugar during digestion which then absorbed and converted by the liver into fat. This fat is deposited in the body causing weight gain. HCA stops this from happening.

– It reduces the appetite meaning that the urge to eat often is a lot less. This is because it enhances the production of serotonin which is a natural appetite suppressant.

These two actions combined allow weight loss to begin within just a few days. It is not advisable to take garcinia cambogia for more than 12 weeks. This is because past that period, it can strip internal organs of fat that is used to cushion them leaving them dangerously exposed.

Does Garcinia Cambogia With HCA Have Any Side Effects?

So far, no studies have shown that this supplement has any significant negative side effects. That said, there are some illegitimate brands in the market. These brands contain little or no HCA and are instead filled with filler. Filler is basically chemicals that bring the pills to the expected weight. These brands can cause stomach aches, diarrhea, rashes, loss of sleep and other side effects. If you buy a good brand all you can expect to see is fatty stools because the fat that you eat is not absorbed but rather expelled.

There are some people who should not consume this supplement:

– People who have chronic illnesses such as diabetes. It could make your illness worse.

– People who have memory related illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. It seems to increase forgetfulness.

– Pregnant women. There is no research yet to determine if it can affect a fetus.

– Children under the age of 18. They are still growing and there is no research into how it affects development.

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