Garcinia Cambogia Results

A lot of people are wondering about the garcinia cambogia results are, just because everyone wants to ensure that it will work as expected. For people who don’t know, garcinia cambogia is known to be one of the most effective and quickest ways to get a belly that is flat. In fact, due to the amazing weight loss benefit that it has, online blogs and news sites have been raving about garcinia cambogia results.

Some of the other great garcinia cambogia results are additional energy and an enhanced metabolism. For people who don’t know, an improved metabolism can help you to lose weight. Let’s talk about all your questions regarding garcinia cambogia result and its origin.

Garcinia Cambogia Fruit 

Garcinia cambogia is a type of fruit, wherein the extract is the one that is formed into a supplement. The supplement has been widely used in most Asian countries today ever since the ancient times. The reason behind this is because it efficiently helps in managing one’s weight. Based on studies conducted, using the supplement regularly can help a person to lose at least 4 pounds each month, without having to change a person’s exercise regime or diet.

Common Questions About Garcinia Cambogia Results

Can I Expect Garcinia Cambogia Results Overnight

Since garcinia cambogia works efficiently, some people think that they can see results overnight. But nothing works overnight, even the one with all the herbs and chemicals, nothing will work like magic. Following the proper dosage and maintaining a healthy diet will contribute to the rapid result of garcinia cambogia.

How Soon Can I See Garcinia Cambogia Results?

In the majority of the cases, garcinia cambogia can provide results in as little as five days. Using garcinia cambogia continuously will lead to surprising results and benefits. The good thing about taking garcinia cambogia is that it will not only make you lose weight, but it will also help enhance your overall health.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Provide Results?

Due to the HCA content of garcinia cambogia, it effectively makes a person feel full faster more than usual. Feeling full right after eating a small meal means you will be able to eat less naturally. The food that you ate will be converted to an efficient and usable source of energy instead of the unwanted stored excess fat.

Another garcinia cambogia result that you will experience is appetite suppression. It can effectively block the production of fat in your body by inhibiting citrate lyase. Citrate lyase is the enzyme that will convert carbohydrates to fat cells. Also, your body will be able to boost its metabolism, which will help burn more calories.

Should Exercise Be Incorporated with Garcinia Cambogia

Some people think that taking garcinia cambogia alone will help them to lose weight. While this is true, it is still ideal to start exercising. Garcinia cambogia will not only help you lose excess fats but will also help you gain lean muscles. You will surely be able to notice the results if you start incorporating exercises with garcinia cambogia.

Should A Healthy Diet Be Incorporated with Garcinia Cambogia

People think that incorporating a healthy diet is no longer necessary since garcinia cambogia can help curb up their appetites. This, in turn, make other people eat whatever they want to eat, even high-calorie ones because they’re thinking that eating less unhealthy food is excellent. The truth is, incorporating garcinia cambogia with a healthy diet

Can I Use Garcinia Cambogia As An Alternative With Other Diet Pills

Garcinia cambogia is a fantastic alternative to diet pills. This tropical fruit will help lift off the struggle of losing weight and your uncontrollable appetite. With garcinia cambogia, you will surely be able to eat less without having a hard time controlling yourself.

It would be best always to make sure that you are filling your plate with vegetables and fruit. As most nutritionists say, it would be best to make at least sure to fill your plate with half vegetables and fruits. For people who don’t know, vegetable does contain fewer calories than starches and protein.

Also, it would be best to avoid skipping breakfast. Some people think that this is not important and they can just have coffee for breakfast. But the truth is, skipping breakfast will only make their metabolism slower and may affect your goal of losing weight. So always make sure to eat breakfast that is full of protein in addition to taking garcinia cambogia supplement.

Is Garcinia Cambogia for Everyone

If you are one of the many who have taken diet pills before and you have experienced unwanted side effects, then your best option is garcinia cambogia. The reason behind this is because it is known as a fruit and will not produce adverse side effects that you have experienced with other diet pills.

Garcinia Cambogia Results in Men

Some people think that only women can see garcinia cambogia results and this is usually not ideal for men. The reason behind this is because most of the news articles and online blogs today about garcinia cambogia are geared towards women. But the truth is, men can also benefit from garcinia cambogia.

Six-Pack Abs as Garcinia Cambogia Result

Since garcinia cambogia can help you with the process of losing weight, it also means that you can even achieve the six-pack ab that you have been dreaming of. Of course, as mentioned above, you need to incorporate an exercise regime for you to be able to achieve the body that you want. Garcinia cambogia is here to help cut your waist, trim and slim your body while helping it gain the muscle mass that it needs.

Garcinia cambogia results will be more efficient and immediate if you incorporate it with exercise and a healthy diet. With the help of garcinia cambogia, dieting will never be that challenging again.

The Garcinia Cambogia Fruit & Its Extract

Garcinia Cambogia FruitMany people around the world use plants for their natural health benefits. One plant that has become popular in recent years is garcinia cambogia. The garcinia cambogia plant is a specific type of garcinia plant that is found in various Asian countries but is primarily found in Southern India. In India and other Asian countries, the fruit has been used as a food additive when cooking for many years.

Garcinia cambogia extract can also be found in weight loss supplements in Western countries. The extract is taken directly from the garcinia fruit and then put into pills or powders. In most supplements, it is found in the form of a 60% extract. The higher the amount of extract that is found typically indicates that the potency is higher and more benefits will be enjoyed by the user.

Garcinia cambogia is used as a weight loss aid because of some of the benefits that have been found by those that have used it. It has been found by many that it naturally suppresses the appetite. This is a major benefit to those that find themselves sabotaging their diets by having a big appetite. The natural lower appetite suppression can help those that want to lower their calorie intake without suffering from hunger pains. There have been many consumers that have taken these supplements for weight loss and found this to be the case. Those that are suffering from obesity or a high body mass index would likely do well with using a
natural supplement such as garcinia cambogia extract. The extract derived directly from the fruit garcinia cambogia has been found to be non-toxic and safe for consumption. Those that have fears about taking a dangerous weight loss aid would have nothing to fear with garcinia cambogia.

It has also been found to lower cholesterol and help raise the levels of good cholesterol. This can be quite helpful to those that have found their cholesterol levels to be high and want to find a natural supplement to assist in lowering them. The process of lowering cholesterol is achieved by the HCA compound naturally found in the garcinia cambogia extract. The HCA helps limit the body’s fat conversion process and the body’s ability to produce high triglycerides and bad cholesterol by inhibiting citrate lyase. This can play a large role in lowering the dangerous cholesterol levels that contribute to heart disease.

Having the ability to suppress appetite and lower bad cholesterol in one combined natural supplement is certainly appealing. Anyone that is having issues with losing weight will find that the natural garcinia cambogia supplements may provide the needed boost to drop unwanted weight and get rid of unhealthy fat. When choosing a supplement that contains garcinia cambogia extract, it’s important to look at the amount of extract being used and ensure that it is at least sixty percent for maximum efficacy.

Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean

Let’s face it, the world is full of miracle cures and magic weight loss diets, but do they really work? Naturally, our diet should be balanced and healthy in order to achieve the best level of nutrition, but with so many ‘new’ items being promoted as the next best thing, it’s hard to distinguish those that do offer genuine benefits from the passing fads. There are two items that are currently making waves, and both appear to have solid credentials: these are garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean. Like many such products they are natural, and great claims are made for them. The question is, of course, do they work?

We set out to examine each one – and its attendant benefits – and provide you with a garcinia cambogia vs green coffee bean comparison, while considering the source of the information provided. What we discovered was interesting to say the least.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia & Green Coffee BeanGarcinia cambogia is a plant that grows in Asian regions, and the part that is eaten is the fruit; it is also known as garcinia gummi-gutta, and is common in many traditional Asian dishes. Sour tasting and with a strong flavor, the fruit is small, green and rich in Hydroxycitric acid, especially in the skin. This acid is the interesting part of the fruit, and it is provided in extract form for diet purposes.

Why is Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) so interesting? Research has been carried out in any forms to determine whether the fruit and its extract actually help in terms of weight loss, using both animals and human subjects. While it is not a given that studies carried out on rats will transmit their result to people, it has been found that consumption of the fruit or an extract can lead to a reduction on the production of certain fat producing enzymes, and can also increase serotonin production, which is part of the system that encourages hunger and craving.

In studies using human subjects, two groups of overweight people were subject to trials; one half were given regular dosages of garcinia cambogia, while others were fed a placebo. In some trials the group taking the extract lost greater amounts of weight over a 12 week period than those without.

While some may see the results as insignificant, it must be remembered that those miracle cures we mentioned at the beginning simply don’t exist; what does exist in garcinia cambogia is a food that is healthy, beneficial and encourages weight loss, and which has been part of the diet of those in the East for many centuries. That it is gaining popularity in the West is no surprise, especially considering it is entirely safe and shows no known side effects.

Green Coffee Bean

Garcinia Cambogia & Green Coffee BeanThe second of our chosen products, green coffee bean, has also been the subject of much debate in weight-loss an health circles, and is another that is entirely natural. Put simply, the coffee beans you grind to make your coffee have been roasted to give them the distinctive flavor you want in your cup of coffee; green coffee beans have not been roasted – they are as they were picked.

The roasting process may be that which brings about the taste, but in fact it removes some of the important substances in the bean, in particular a substance known as Chlorogenic acid. Green coffee beans are used in natural form, and as an extract, because they contain high levels of this acid, which is believed to have many interesting properties.

Chlorogenic acid is a weight-loss aid, and is also said to help with high blood pressure and diabetes as it alters the blood sugar levels and the metabolism, hence green coffee is promoted widely as beneficial to health and a dieting aid. Results have shown success, and users have reported many health benefits along the way.

Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Together

So, two natural products that are shown to have health benefits, and to aid in weight loss. First, it has to be remembered that both green coffee bean and garcinia cambogia should be considered as part of a balanced diet; one cannot lose weight by simply eating just one of these – or the two together – and to do so would, in fact, be detrimental to your health. However, there are strong arguments for taking them either as supplements, or as part of a regular diet plan.

In particular, garcinia cambogia has plenty of attractions: widespread use in Eastern dishes, well known for their healthy status, shows that this safe and tasty food is not a fad; furthermore, the research into its use has produced positive results. Both garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean extract have their place in the health food arena, and the former appears to be justified in its selection as a major player in the weight loss world.

Garcinia Cambogia, With or Without Calcium?

Garcinia cambogia is now the ‘Holy Grail’ of weight loss with many former-obese patients attesting to its waist slimming abilities. However, for the supplement to work, its main extract, Hydroxycitric Acid or HCA, has to be in its active form at all times. Medical research has discovered that calcium has some adverse effects on HCA and the big question is whether garcinia cambogia without calcium is what you should look for in drug stores.

Two Forms of Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The extract Hydroxycitric acid, found in garcinia cambogia, exists in two forms. One is the free state of the acid that is highly active once you induce it to your body but is unstable in this state. The other form is known as HCA lactone, which is more stable but quite inactive when you ingest it. Garcinia cambogia extract has to be bio-available and it depends on which of the two forms is in excess in the extract.

HCA lactone forms when active HCA acid converts to a salt in the body. This salt comprises of three chemical elements namely Potassium (K), Magnesium (Mg) and Calcium (Ca). When the salts formed are Mg and K, the supplement will operate in its optimum state and weight loss results will be achieve much faster. However, Calcium being in excess renders the HCA acid inactive and promotes the formation of lactone. Ca being the only salt in garcinia cambogia extract will spark its inactiveness, which means you have to take an excess dosage to see it work.

Scientists are now adding an alkaline element into the extract when manufacturing the supplement to stop the formation of lactone. This ensures free HCA is occupying a bigger percentage in the extract to bring weight loss results faster in the body.

What to Look For in The Market

Remember, the more bio-available the extract is, the highly active it will be and vice versa. As Scientists consider Calcium a catalyst for HCA inactiveness, Potassium and Magnesium on the other hand are remarkable promoters of bioavailability. The next time you are out buying the supplement, therefore, take the time to read the ingredients in the supplements. Potassium promotes bioavailability more than magnesium and magnesium more than Calcium. Traces of calcium in the garcinia cambogia supplement slows down the active state of HCA thus you will need to take more and more of the product to see tangible results; so you need to avoid such a product. Always aim for Potassium or Magnesium as the chief salts in the extract.

Checking Out Garcinia Cambogia Pros Cons

Garcinia Cambogia supplements are receiving a great deal of attention these days, especially for those trying to lose weight. The main ingredient in this supplement is hydrocitric acid, also known as HCA, and here is important information on garcinia cambogia pros cons, that you may find helpful.

Good Things about HCA

Limiting the Effects of Carbohydrates – Most people understand that carbohydrates are easily converted to fat by the body. That is why so many dieters do well with low carb diet plans. However, once someone goes off a low carb plan, the weight easily returns.

HCA helps to prevent the body from absorbing carbohydrates. As a result, carbs are not turned into fat and they quickly can be burned as fuel. Over time, this can help you burn off carbs before they become fat and this gives you an increased source for energy, and you feel better.

Many people believe that HCA can prevent you from craving carbohydrates and sweets. This is highly beneficial to those that cannot stay away from desserts and sweet and sugary snacks, as well as carb laden foods that make you feel weighed down and tired. You will naturally take in fewer calories each day when you are not constantly craving high calorie foods, and this can keep your waistline trim.

Fat Burning Properties – If you can find a way to effectively burn fat, most people will take advantage of it. HCA makes it easier for you to tap into your fat storage reserves. It contains an enzyme that is known to block the production of body fat.

Natural Appetite Suppression – Late in the evening is where most diets fail and this can become extremely frustrating. Once you find a way to suppress your appetite it is much easier to stick to a healthy eating plan. HCA can help to limit those late night visits to the refrigerator, as it can affect levels of serotonin, (that is responsible for appetite).

Safe and Natural – Garcinia Cambogia comes from a small fruit that resembles pumpkins. It grows is Southeast Asia and is well known for its sour properties. HCA supplements taken from this fruit are not synthesized in laboratories and come from natural sources, making them safer than many other types of weight loss supplements.

The Downside to HCA Supplements

There are very few downsides to using this type of supplement. When you take this product in extremely high doses, you may feel badly and develop a headache. If you have health conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes you should consult a medical professional before taking. It is also not recommended for pregnant women or children.

Before You Buy

When you shop for HCA supplements you will find some excellent deals online. This is the easiest way to buy supplements as they are delivered to your door for maximum convenience. If you are serious about losing weight and want to try something that is proven to be safe, take a look at garcinia cambogia pros cons, and you will find many good things.

Is Garcinia Cambogia An Appetite Suppressant?

Garcinia Cambogia, one form or another has been around for a few hundred years. It was used as a spice in Asian countries and grows in Africa and India. The answer to the question about is Garcinia Cambogia an appetite suppressant will be found in the way these tribal communities used it. It assisted in suppressing their appetites which helped greatly during the famine times.

The main component of this weight suppressant and diet supplement is HCA or Hydroxycitric acid. It works with the body to do some amazing things. It not only will help you feel fuller, it will help you beat many of the cravings that sabotage diet plans. This is all because of what this supplement will do to and for your brain.

Serotonin levels in your brain, when they are on the rise, will make you feel better about what is happening around you. This chemical reaction reduces the melatonin level, making you less subject to wanting carbohydrates and other sugar producing ingredients in your diet. When you do not want to eat because you are not feeling hungry, you have the best chance of losing weight.

The HCA in the Garcinia Cambogia, also called Acid Hydroxycitric, Garcinia gummi-gutta, Malabar Tamarind and Garcinia quaesita, among other names, comes from the Tamarind fruit. This is a small pumpkin looking fruit in the citric family. It is bitter to eat, however, the extract is what is popular about it.

Since it suppresses the cravings and the feelings of hunger, the food you do eat is processed more efficiently This allows the body to get all of the nutrients possible out of what it is you do eat. The burning of the fat is made possible by this extract allowing the user to lose up to 10 pounds per month without changing any diet habits.

The HCA further helps reduce the enzyme that holds onto fat cells within the body. This works quite well to make the body do what it is designed to do. That purpose is to allow for the processing of food, getting as much out of it as possible and eliminating the rest. Not holding onto the fat cells burns more fuel and gives the user a burst of energy.

Not feeling full and not building up any more fat cells helps the user have a better outlook on life. Getting a burst of energy from all of the activity from your body doing its job helps the user be more active in whatever they need to do. Feeling better about your self and not having to eat as many drive in burgers and fries will also give you some control.

In answering the question about is Garcinia Cambogia an appetite suppressant, the answer is fairly clear. The amount of this supplement to take each day has been a subject of many debates. It is said that 800 units per day is very safe and some go as high as 2500 units per day. Your Doctor can be helpful in designing the right dosage and a nutritionist will also be a good choice.

Customer Reviews

Welcome to Garcinia Cambogia Reviewed, in this section of the site i have covered my personal review of using Garcinia Cambogia and reviews other users.

my personal customer review of garcinia cambogia

Here is my personal customer review of using Garcinia Cambogia

My name is Christina Hamson i am the creator/editor of this website. During my college days (7 Years ago) I was bullied constantly and this adversely affected my academic performance. Thanks to the encouragement and motivation from close friends and family I was able to endure the challenges and build a successful career in Diet and Nutrition. My struggles with weight fuelled my motivation to become an expert not only to help myself but also others who are desperate to lose weight the healthy way.

I continued to struggle with excess weight in my late teens and early twenties. In my search for the perfect body, I tried outChris before everything ranging from crazy diets to ‘magical’ herbs and supplements promising that I would lose the weight overnight. As an expert in this industry, I can attest to the levels people are willing to go in order to shed off the excess pounds. We live in a generation obsessed with looking great and most people are willing to seek desperate measures for that toned body. In my experience, all the crazy diets and ‘magical’ milkshakes don’t give sustainable results. In fact, most of these ‘miracle treatments’ actually make the situation worse by further deteriorating the state of your health.

After several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight and keep it off, I have finally realised that the only way to truly get that body you want is using healthy supplements that are tested and proven to work such as Garcinia Cambogia.

While using Garcinia Cambogia I have now lost a whopping 150 pounds over the course of a year. In addition to that, I now have a toned body and even 6 pack. For a once ‘fat kid’, I have the dream body I have always wanted!

Here is My Personal Month by Month Review While using Garcinia Cambogia

  • Please note this my ORIGINAL review. Many sites have copied my month by month review for fake news pages!

Month 1

Month 3 garcinia

After 1 month on the new routine, I was surprised by how fast and dramatic the effects were. My energy level was up and I wasn’t as hungry as I usually was. This is a welcomed side effect of Garcinia Cambogia and its power to curb appetite. I honestly felt fantastic and best of all, I didn’t have to change anything about my daily routine.

On Day 14, I got on the scale (this new digital scale that measures fat and muscle composition) and couldn’t believe my eyes – I had lost 7lbs of fat. But still, I wasn’t completely convinced. They say that at the beginning of some diet programs, you lose a lot of water weight and slim down. I wanted to see if I would still lose this much fat in the upcoming weeks. But it sure was looking up! I now weighed under 190lbs for the first time in years!

Month 2

week 1 review

After 2 months of the supplement, I had more energy and was sleeping more soundly than ever. I wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night or tossing and turning because my body was able to relax (a result of the supplements’ detoxifying properties, I think). I also managed to get muscle definition, putting me at an unbelievable 160lbs in just 2 months. I also dropped 2 dress sizes already, which I love. Amazing!

At this point, I started to put more faith in these diet products as more than just a gimmick.

Month 3

After 3 months, all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! This is me at my high school reunion (cringe yes i know) I am down 3 full dress sizes after losing another 15lbs. And I still have a ton of energy. Quite often, around the third month of other diets, you tend to run out of steam but with Garcinia Cambogia my energy levels didn’t dip. Instead, they remained steady throughout the day! I even noticed that my stomach was digesting food better, no bloating or embarrassing gas after I ate.

Month 4

All my friends want to try the diet now. In month 4 I lost 18lbs. The results are consistent! I am definitely going to continue taking Garcinia Cambogia because it produces consistent, amazing results because it has so many antioxidants properties. Another welcomed benefit was it cleared my skin up a lot because my body was becoming more healthier.


Month 5

Finally, at the end of 5th month, I am closer to the body I always dreamt of. I have lost a total of 110.2 pounds in the last 5-6 months and that is an achievement for me. I am no more a lazy person and do not toss and turn while I sleep. My skin was not sagging even after losing so much weight, rather it was clearer and tighter than before. I decide to continue using Garcinia Cambogia and would recommend to everyone who wants to lose weight.

I continued to use Garcinia Cambogia for the rest of the year and it helped me with my muscle definition when i started fitness classes at the gym. This supplement really did change my world and inspired me to be where i am today. I am now a fully qualified health and wellness coach and recommend it to my clients.

I have shared a link to activate a free one-month sample deal of the Garcinia brand I used. I highly recommend it to anyone considering to use Garcinia Cambogia to lose weight.

I can’t say much about other brands because i have only tried this one but for me and everyone i have shared it with it has worked amazingly.

Click Here To Activate Free One Month Sample Deal of Garcinia Cambogia <

Further Reviews of the Garcinia Cambogia Brand I Used

husband and wife lost weight garcinia cambogia review

“If you stick to it and are patient, it really works. Both my husband and I lost our weight in a few months. Curbs the appetite and burns belly fat. Lots of fiber is an added plus.” – Bridget M.


lost 31lbs review while using garcinia cambogia

“I’ve been using this product and I love it! I have been using this and eating better for the last 42 days. In those 42 days I am down now a total of 31.7lbs! Anyone thinking of trying, here’s my recommendation: do it!” – Darcy L.H.


man lose 21lbs using garcinia cambogia

“I took this as directed by all the studies which is 1500mg of cambogia per serving and it worked great. I used more than the bottle said to use but I have lost over 25lbs in only 2 months. This is a huge accomplishment because I have not changed my workout amount during all this time. This seemed to give my weight loss the little push it needed.” – Austin D.


“I started taking this product a week ago. I take two in the morning. Then take two for lunch and two before dinner. You have to drink lots of water so you don’t get constipated . I go to the bathroom twice a day. I workout five days a week for twenty minutes. So far I have lost 3lbs and feel great! No cravings, no retreats. My goal is 12lbs. I would highly recommend this product. I will report again in a month for the total weight loss.” – Anonymous

“Wow, I say thank you for who ever made this product! I’m on my third week of usage, and I’m very happy with the result. Drink plenty of water. I don’t feel hungry!” – Martin

lost 21lbs using garcinia

“I was quite skeptical when I started to take cambogia, and I was a disappointed the first 2 weeks, but I started to see interesting results from the following week and onwards. I go to the gym also and couldn’t manage to lose any weight, it would never come off! After 4 weeks I have lost more 15lbs. That’s just crazy! Try it and see it works for you or not…” – Jennifer P.


Jessica Lost 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks (Weight Loss) Jessica W.

Final Thoughts On Garcinia Cambogia

I hope my month by month review can give you some insight what to expect. If your looking for an instant weight loss supplement where you can get a bikini body in just one month… That simply isn’t going to happen.

I was extremely overweight (technically obese) and it took me over four months to get down to a healthy size. What i can say is a lot of my friends who were slightly over weight with fat around the thigh and belly region got in amazing shape after around a month and a half of using this supplement.

My advice would be is to try it out for a month, this way you can see the results within the first 30 days but if your not happy with it, don’t continue with the supplement. I can’t say better things about this product apart from advise anyone wanting to lose weight to give it a try! What have we got to lose apart from a few pounds!

Wishing you all best on your new weight loss!

Click Here To Get a Free 30 Day Sample.

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