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Vitax Forskolin Review

Are you in the market for a genuine weight loss supplement that will help you meet your weight loss objectives? If you are then Vitax Forskolin is definitely a worthy consideration. This all-natural supplement is specifically formulated to enhance your body’s natural ability to lose weight and also keep the weight off.

Never give up because most people have been in the position you are right now, standing on the scale and looking in the mirror and getting depressed each time. While you may just want to look good for the aesthetics there are many people out there who desperately need to lose weight so that they remain in good health. This organic supplement is an excellent addition to your existing weight loss regimen. In this brief but nonetheless detailed review, you will find out all there is to know about VItrax Forskolin.

Let us delve in ….

So What is Vitax Forskolin?                          

Vitax Forskolin is a natural weight loss supplement that is concocted by a reputable manufacturer with the aim of helping lose weight consistently and also ensure that you are able to keep the weight off. The truth is that the current market is crowded by numerous weight loss supplements that claim to help you lose weight ‘overnight’.

The truth is that most of this supplements are actually ineffective and even worse some are unsafe for human consumption and rarely meet the user’s expectations. Vitax Forskolin is different from the masses and actually works, There is scientific evidence to support how it works. Additionally, it uses ingredients that have been shown to be extremely effective, safe for human consumption and also extremely fast-acting.

According to the manufacturer, this supplement is a result of years of research by knowledgeable and experienced weight loss experts who understand what the body needs to shed off excess fat and gain lean muscle. Currently, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)currently does not approve any herbals supplements. This begs the question; how do I know if this supplement is safe and effective? Simple! Look at the manufacturer. The manufacturer of Vitax Forskolin is highly renowned and manufacturer products in state-of-the-art laboratories that meet and even surpass FDA standards.

How Does Vitax Forskolin work?

To understand how this supplement works, we will take a look at the role that each ingredient plays in the formulation. This supplement has two main ingredients namely; Garcinia Cambogia and Forskolin Extract.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This is common ingredient present in many weight loss supplements in the market. It is widely popular even among Hollywood celebrities such as Oprah who have struggled with weight loss fluctuations over the years. In fact, Garcinia Cambogia was recently featured on an episode of Dr. Oz where those worldly renowned weight loss expert termed it as the ‘most reliable addition to any weight loss supplement’.

So How Does Garcinia Cambogia Help You Lose Weight?

Garcinia Cambogia is an ancient Asian herb that was traditionally used for medicinal purposes. The main potent in gradient in this extract is HCA (Hydroxycitric acid). This acid is simply an organic form of Citric acid that is extremely potent although natural. HCA works in two main ways:

  • HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid) helps to block storage of fats as reserves and stimulates conversion of fats into energy

What most people don’t know is that a large percentage of the carbohydrates that we put into our body is converted into fats and stored as reserves. When your rate of fat metabolism is high, your body converts most of the fats into energy and only a low percentage of the fats are stored as reserves.

Hydroxycitric acid achieves this by blocking the action of a hormone known as Citric Lyase.

This is the hormone responsible for stimulating the conversion of fats into deposits that are stored in the body as reserves. When the action of this hormone is blocked, it means that most of the fats are converted into energy. With HCA you rate of metabolisms is not only higher, you also high energy levels meaning you are able to adhere to a regular work out regimen without overworking and overwhelming your body. A Harvard study that was carried out in 2011 ascertained that when HCA is consumed regularly is can lead to a permanent increase in the rate of fat metabolism.

  • HCA helps to control eating habits and also ensures that your bowel movements are regular and healthy

A little-known fact about Hydroxy citric acid is that it stimulates the production of a neurotransmitter known as Seratonin. This is a hormone that is responsible for calming you down and helping to stabilize your moods. When Seratonin levels are high you are in a better mentals state and can maintain a regular work out regimen and healthy diet without straining.

Let us also keep in mind that when most people are stressed they rely on food for comfort and most end up binge-eating junk and processed food. No stress means you are emotionally and mentally capable of keeping up with a weight loss regimen in the long term. Additionally, Seratonin has been shown to aid in making your bowel movements regular and healthy which is extremely important when you are trying to lose weight. It doesn’t hurt that Seratonin is fast acting, this makes Vitax Forskolin deliver the desired results much faster.

So What Exactly is Forskolin?

This is another main ingredient in this supplement, it is an active and highly potent compound present in the roots of Coleus Forskolin also known as the Indian Coleus. Genetically, this plant is closely related to mint. For many centuries, this highly medicinal plant has been a staple for traditional herbal medicine in Asia specifically India. It has been shown to be extremely helpful in treating a variety of ailments. Exhaustive research has ascertained that the health benefits claimed by the manufacturer of Forskolin Extreme are plausible.

Forskolin extreme gained popularity in the United States after being featured on multiple episodes of the Dr. Oz show in January 2014. This is a popular health-based show that focuses on healthy living and weight loss. Dr. Oz, the host of the show also occasionally takes time to review products he deems safe and effective. He called Forskolin Extreme a ‘reliable and healthy approach to weight loss. Numerous studies have been conducted to ascertain the efficiency of this ingredient and the results are mind-blowing. Here are a few of them;

  • According to 2011 study conducted at the University of Kansas showed that Forskholi helps to metabolize fat reserves in stubborn areas such as the neck area, tummy, and This study goes further to show that this ingredient can also come in handy in decreasing cellulite appearance.
  • Forskholi also helps in reducing blood pressure substantially. This is based on a study that was conducted in India and published in the American Journal Medicine. In this study, 75% of people who were given This ingredient regularly also suffered from high blood pressure, within 3 weeks of consistent used blood pressure levels had reduced tremendously.
  • Another study conducted in 2014 and published by the Journal of Medical Sciences in how this ingredient affects Glycaemia ascertained its effectiveness. In this study, it took 8 weeks for Coleus Forskohli to affects blood sugar levels significantly.

There is no doubt that Vitax Forskholi works and is formulated from ingredients that have been extensively studied by experts who know and understand what the human body needs to shed off excess pounds.

Vitax Forskolin Advantages

  • All natural meaning there are no detrimental side effects on your body
  • This supplement is fast acting in fact according to the manufacturer it will take just 2 weeks of consistent use to notice positive This is great because you will have the motivation to keep going
  • The manufacturer is open about the ingredients in the formulation and this creates the feel of authenticity. Additionally, to further demonstrate their trust in the quality and potency of their product, the manufacturer offers a free trial that gives first-time users who are skeptical a chance to try out the product before making a financial commitment.
  • With time you will notice that you are more in control of your cravings and the hunger pangs are not as frequent- this is because thanks to HCA that stimulates Seratonin production you are physically, mentally and emotionally ready to adhere to a disciplined diet and exercise regimen.
  • Your level of cholesterol will decrease significantly
  • Your blood sugar levels particularly if you are suffering from Diabetes will stabilize although researchers are still trying to ascertain whether this is true
  • The direct from seller same model is convenient to the user because they are sure they are buying from a legitimate source and at a fair price.


  • Vitax Forskolin is not a substitute for any prescriptions given to you by a doctor
  • Before you take this on any other supplement, you need to
  • Only take the recommended dosage which is 2 pills a day an hour after or before your meal
  • Follow up Vitax Forskolin supplementation with regular exercise and eating healthy
  • Consistency is the key to achieving your weight loss goals; Rome was not built in a day so you will reach your body goals overnight. You must be patient, consistent.

Where To Buy Vitax Forskolin?

The most reliable place to buy any weight loss supplement is directly from the manu8factyurere on their website. Here you will not only it a reasonable price but will also have access to a free trial. Additionally, when you buy directly from the manufacturer’s site you can be sure that you are buying the genuine and authentic product and not the fakes peddled around by unscrupulous traders.

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