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Ultra Keto Slim Review

Obesity is increasingly becoming a global health problem with about 35.7% of adults and 17% of adolescents and children being classified as obese in the U.S alone. Besides physical activity and avoiding unhealthy foods, health experts have also recommended and used other strategies to prevent weight gain and obesity. Weight loss supplements are among the strategies presently utilized with a variety of them being sold today. While a search on the Internet returns millions of results for “Weight Loss Supplements,” the quality of many of these products can be questionable.

In this article, however, we look at Ultra Keto Slim, a fat-burning supplement which has gained some considerable popularity recently. We looked at its composition, what it promises, whether or not it has side effects and compiled this review.

What is Ultra Keto Slim?

Ultra Keto Slim is a fat-burning supplement with a special formulation that, according to the developer, helps one to reach ketosis and, therefore, speed up fat-burning and body weight reduction. Ketosis has been utilized for weight loss for years. It’s a metabolic process whereby the human body uses fats as fuel for energy production instead of carbs. Once a person reaches full ketosis, their body uses fat as the main energy substrate which, therefore, means that fat deposited in body parts are broken down.

Now, the Ultra Keto Slim formula works to stimulate this process (Ketosis), and once you acquire it, it helps you to maintain it. The developers of this pill combined three ingredients clinically shown to trigger fat-burning. They include Beta-hydroxybutyrate, L-Carnitine, and Green Coffee Beans Extracts (GCBE). While Beta-hydroxybutyrate is what switches your metabolism to ketosis, the other two components also play significant roles as we’ll see in the next sections.

How does Ultra Keto Slim work?

The weight reduction approach of Ultra Keto Slim is quite simple. It helps a user reach ketosis and then maintain it for extended periods. Upon acquiring ketosis, fat breakdown immediately begins since the body will now be using fat to create energy. However, ketones like BHB have to be sufficiently present for ketosis to occur. This is the reason BHB is among the active components in the Ultra Keto Slim formulation. As a matter of fact, Beta-hydroxybutyrate is the major ketone in humans with a 78% presence in the body. This means that even the slightest enhancement of the ketone is sure to stimulate ketosis.

Research reveals that’s Beta-hydroxybutyrate decreases insulin (the hormone vital for carb metabolism) levels considerably once ingested. Once the production of this hormone is inhibited, glucose production stalls and since the body needs energy, another substrate is required and, thus fat takes over. Scientific evidence has it that lower insulin levels prevent weight gain, Obesity, insulin-related illnesses like type 2 diabetes, and other conditions.

The Ingredients of Ultra Keto Slim

As noted, Ultra Keto Slim combines Beta-hydroxybutyrate, L-Carnitine, and Green Coffee Beans Extract in its formula. We researched these ingredients and found interesting studies that support them for fat burning and weight management.


Beta-hydroxybutyrate is a ketone, and it’s what makes your body achieve ketosis. It’s easily absorbable into the bloodstream and acts fast to switch your metabolism to fat breakdown. Stored fat is broken down, and lipogenesis (fat-cells formation) is prevented.

In this recent research published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, German researchers from the University of Applied Sciences Muenster gave subjects different beverages that had Beta-hydroxybutyrate and a variety of other ketones. The scientists noticed a considerable decrease in free fatty acids, blood sugar levels, and triglycerides in the participants. Their study report concludes that Beta-hydroxybutyrate and various exogenous ketones are, thus useful for weight management.

In another scientific study done by a team of researchers from the University of South Florida, U.S.A and the University of Padova, Italy, it was confirmed that Beta-hydroxybutyrate not only triggers ketosis but stimulates the breakdown of adipose fat. The study also points out that the ketone reduces blood glucose and lipid biomarkers.

The fat-burning impacts of Beta-hydroxybutyrate were also tested by this study. The researchers note that exogenous ketones can reduce sugar levels, bad cholesterol, and lipid biomarkers in Sprague-Dawley rats.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts

There’s much research on the weight-reduction impacts of GCBE. Most of the studies we found reveal that the component helps in weight management besides also preventing diabetes and other health-related issues. GCBE has thermogenic, anti-inflammatory, and ant-oxidant features vital for weight management.

The Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine published this research showing the Green Coffee Beans Extracts have anti-obesity properties. The researchers indicate that GCBE lowers fat accumulation through the regulation of lipid metabolism-related genes and adipogenesis.

In this other recent research published in the Journal of Nutritional Disorders and Therapy, scientists point out that GCBE can work synergistically in preventing weight gain and promoting weight management. Their report notes that the chlorogenic acid in GCBE plays a vital role in weight reduction.

A 2014 Meta-analysis of various randomized clinical trials that was published by the Natural Medicine Journal also found interesting facts about GCBE. Researchers reveal that GCBE supplementation had larger weight reduction effects than placebos. The effects were especially greater in obese or overweight individuals.


L-Carnitine plays a pivotal role in fat oxidation. It is assists in the translocation of long-chain fatty acids into cell mitochondria where they’re used in the creation ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Studies reveal that L-Carnitine is actually a nutrient and its deficiency in the body may lead to weight gain.

A 2011 study published by the Body Physiology Journal confirmed that L-Carnitine indeed assists the translocation of fatty acids. It, therefore, plays a considerable role in fat oxidation, and ultimately fat-burning.

Another team of researchers compiled a study report pointing out that L-Carnitine supplementation reduces body weight. Subjects who received doses of L-Carnitine had reduced Body Mass Indices.

In 2012, the Journal of International Research and Scientific Publications published research that tested L-Carnitine Impacts on Fat-burning in Overweight or Obese Adults. Findings reveal that its supplementation over three months led to significant fat deposits reduction among subjects. The researchers note that results were better in subjects that were physically active throughout the study.

Why Use Ultra Keto Slim?

Ultra Keto Slim promises that it will help you burn fat and, thus, lose weight by assisting you to reach ketosis. As discussed, the primary condition for ketosis to occur is the presence of ketones in your system. Ultra Keto Slim uses Beta-hydroxybutyrate, a potent ketone in its formula. It, therefore, goes without saying that Ultra Slim Keto works as its promises. Our research also confirms that indeed, BHB can help trigger Ketosis.

Besides, from the preceding section, Ultra Kreto Slim’s ingredients are strongly backed by research to help in weight management and weight reduction. The ingredients like GCBE and L-Carnitine also have other health benefits. Again, customer reviews show that Ultra Keto Slim actually works.

Features Setting Ultra Keto Slim Apart

If you’re still contemplating whether or not Ultra Keto Slim is worth trying, here are some key features that make it unique:

  • Uses 100% Organic Components

The formula of Ultra Keto Slim doesn’t include chemicals that can be harmful to your health. The ingredients used are very carefully chosen and combined to come up with a top-quality supplement.

  • Tested and found to be 100% safe

The pill has been tested by nutritional and health experts in various trials and found to be 100% safe. Unlike other weight-loss pills, Ultra Keto Slim does not expose users to health risks.

  • Formulated in GMP-certified labs under FDA guidelines

The fact that the pill is formulated in GMP certified labs following FDA’s strict guidelines further affirms that it is safe for use.

  • Made in the United States

This pill is manufactured by a firm in the United States of America. The company is licensed to conduct business in the country and has been in the industry for over a decade.

  • The supplement provides users a lot more than weight management

Besides fat-burning and weight reduction, Ultra Keto Slim’s anti-oxidant properties improve your immunity. You also get better mental health, and the risk of having heart-related diseases is reduced considerably.

The Benefits of Ultra Keto Slim

Stimulates weight loss
Beta-hydroxybutyrate switches you fat-burning mode. The body burns stubborn fat to create energy. Upon achieving full Ketosis, no new fat cells will be formed; you will only be breaking down fat and therefore losing weight. Besides, L-Carnitine and Green Coffee Bean Extract also have potent fat-burning features.

Increases your metabolism
While the main fat-burning approach of this pill is starting ketosis, the formula also improves overall metabolism. Often, higher metabolic rates result in more fat and carbs burned.

Improves energy production
Higher metabolic rates mean food is converted to energy faster. And science shows that fat is actually a better energy substrate than glucose-it leads more energy produced.

Keeps Glucose levels always in check
By balancing blood sugar, Ultra Keto Slim prevents hunger pangs and cravings. You, therefore, eat less. This is, of course, good when you want to lose weight. It also prevents type 2 diabetes and obesity.

Balances insulin levels
Balanced or reduced insulin lowers carb metabolism. This helps your body to easily switch to ketosis and start burning fat.

Does Ultra Keto Slim Have Any Side Effects?

We did not find any harmful Ultra Keto Slim side effects in our research. Customer reviews found online do not mention any unwanted side effects either. A larger portion of the reviews we looked at expresses satisfaction.

One of the reasons Ultra Keto Slim lacks harmful side effects is that the company chose 100% organic components. The scientific studies on the ingredients listed above do not point out any adverse side effects of the components. Again, the firm follows FDA guidelines while formulating, manufacturing, and packaging Ultra Keto Slim. This ensures product safety. And unlike several other brands, the company has not included any inorganic chemicals in this product that could be harmful to users. The fat-burner has been tested and approved by medical experts.

Who Can Use Ultra Keto Slim?

Ultra Keto Slim can be utilized by healthy adults looking to either manage their weight or burn fat and lose body weight. The fat-burner is made to aggressively burn fat deposited in various body parts-organs and tissues. Its formula is proven to efficiently help users achieve Ketosis and burn fat safely.

Who Cannot Use Ultra Keto Slim?

Children and teens under 18 can neither order nor use this product. It is strictly intended to be utilized by healthy adults. This, therefore, means that people undergoing treatment and taking drugs should first consult their doctors before they can start using Ultra Keto Slim. Again, since the pill is restricted to adults, pregnant and breastfeeding moms should avoid Ultra Keto Slim since it may affect their babies.

Where to Buy Ultra Keto Slim?

We found out that currently, orders for this fat-burner can only be placed via the developer’s website at present. While new users get a free trial, no deals, promos, or coupons are available for existing customers. Products are shipped to customers addresses provided during ordering.

Ultra Keto Slim: Bottom Line

It’s clear that Ultra Keto Slim can really help you switch to Ketosis and maintain it. And from foregoing discussions, we have seen that science supports Ketosis and the components of this pill for fat-metabolism and hence weight loss. And considering all the user reviews we came across, this nutritional supplement is worth your money and time. People are losing weight on it already.

It is important, though, to note that to get the best results from Ultra Keto Slim, physical activity and avoiding unhealthy foods is necessary. Again, while you may use it even if you are currently not on Ketogenic Diet and still get results, people maintaining this diet often experience positive results much quicker.

If you’re contemplating on which Weight Loss Supplement to purchase, try Ultra Keto Slim today and begin burning down stubborn fat, get back to your lovely shape, and effectively manage your weight.