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Slim Select Garcinia Review

Maintaining a healthy body weight keeps away a plethora of health problems including, of course, obesity. However, with life becoming busier these days, finding free time to work out or prepare healthy meals at home is getting more difficult. But what if you can actually maintain healthy weight by just using a nutritional supplement? Yes, there are many weight management pills out there nowadays that can help you burn excess calories and fats. However, the quality of some of the fat-burners present nowadays is wanting, which is why you’ll need to look for a supplement from a reputable company and one that actually works.

One of the weight management supplements that have gained popularity is Slim Select Garcinia. Our team of researchers looked at its formula, its weight reduction claims, and if it really works. Read through for a complete review of this “world-class fat-burner” and discover why you might want to consider getting it.

What is Slim Select Garcinia?

Slim Select Garcinia is a premium weight loss supplement containing Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), Chromium, and Potassium as its active natural ingredients. According to its developer, the pill enhances rapid fat-burning which leads to efficient and safe weight loss. HCA is an organic compound abundantly found in Garcinia Cambogia, a small pumpkin-like Asian fruit. The fruit has had many medical applications both in traditional medicine (like in Ayurveda) and modern medicine. HCA became popular a few years ago when its weight loss properties were discovered.

The Slim Select formula also utilizes the weight loss properties of Potassium and Chromium. As we will see later, science shows that these two minerals are beneficial for weight loss. Their supplementation also comes with other benefits.

How Does Slim Select Garcinia Work?

The developer reveals that Slim Select Garcinia uses five approaches to achieve weight loss results. The HCA in the formula is responsible for the major weight loss actions of Slim Select Garcinia. Each capsule of Slim Select Garcinia contains a 60% Hydroxicitric Acid concentration. Some study findings have pointed out that for any HCA-based pill to work satisfactorily, they should have at least a 50% concentration of the organic acid.

So how does this pill work?

Here are the five approaches the developer says the pill uses;

  • Stopping adipogenesis and lipogenesis

In plain English, this means stopping the formation of adipose fats or generally, stopping the creation of fat deposits. The compound responsible for this action is HCA. It does this by stopping the functions of citrate lyase, the enzyme that enhances adipogenesis and lipogenesis. By blocking citrate lyase activities, Slim Select Garcinia ensures that no more fats are accumulated in your body parts.

  • Stimulating lipolysis

This action is taken by all the components in the formula, but mainly, the HCA. By lipolysis, we mean the process of burning and breaking down fats. The Slim Select Garcinia formula achieves this primarily through the activation of norepinephrine, among other hormones. The result is a process of rapid fats break down, leading to decreased fat mass and ultimately, lowered body weight.

  • Getting rid of cravings and frequent hunger pangs

The reason HCA is often included in many nutritional pills is its appetite suppressing features. The organic compound improves your serotonin which, in turn, and according to research, prevents emotional eating. The hormone also gives you happy feelings.

  • Normalizing blood sugar

Health and nutritional experts have proven that some common health issues like obesity are linked to abnormal sugar levels. Therefore, by normalizing your glucose, Slim Select Garcinia prevents obesity which is often as a result of weight gain.

  • Anti-inflammatory features

The Slim Select Garcinia composition comes with robust anti-inflammatory features that are helpful to weight loss. Doctors and nutritionists have shown, in various studies, that sometimes, weight gain can be caused by unchecked inflammatory processes. This is why the anti-inflammatory features of Slim Select Garcinia play a critical role in helping you manage your weight.

The Ingredients of Slim Select Garcinia

The Slim Select Garcinia formula has Hydroxicitric Acid, Chromium and Potassium as the active ingredients. We sought to find out whether or not science supports the ingredients for weight-loss and here are some of the studies we came across.

Hydroxicitric Acid

In one 2000 study, 34 participants received 2 daily doses of the organic compound for three months. Researchers noted that the participants had reduced body weight upon the conclusion of the research.

In another research that involved 39 overweight participants, researchers tested the impacts of the organic acid on adipose fats. The scientists point out in the research report that all 39 subjects recorded considerable weight reduction irrespective of their sex.

Another research done in 2011 and published by the American Journal of Health-system Pharmacy; scientists investigated the Impacts of HCA-supplementation on Weight Loss. Their findings showed that the compound reduced individuals’ body weight, triglycerides, and lowered blood sugar.

The Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences also published research which indicated that patients who were given HCA doses over 90 days recorded reduced visceral and adipose fat. Their body mass indices also decreased considerably.

Another research conducted by a team of scientists from the University of Exeter’s Peninsula Medical School also found similar positive results. HCA was shown to accelerate calorie and fat burning. It also reduced Body Mass Indices of participants besides normalizing their sugar levels.


A recent pilot trial published by the American Diabetes Association tested the Benefits of Chromium Supplementation for Binge Eating and Weight Loss. 24 subjects received 1000mg doses of Chromium each day for 2 months. The participants ultimately recorded normalized blood sugar and decreased weight.

Another research which the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published in 2010 studied the Impacts of Supplementation with Chromium in Overweight or Obese adults. Findings showed that besides aiding weight loss, the mineral triggered lipolysis and prevented adipogenesis.

This other research published in 2010 by the recorded similar findings.


A 2013 research published in Advances in Nutrition found that Potassium has various health benefits including aiding weight loss. The study also reported that Potassium helped reduce bad cholesterol among subjects.

This research also studied Potassium and its weight-loss-related benefits. Participants were given doses of drinks with Potassium concentrations. Findings show that all the subjects had decreased body mass indices by 5.5%, decreased lipoprotein by 7%, lower triglycerides, reduced hunger pangs, increased hormone serotonin by 9%, and an overall significant reduction in weight.

A clinical review published by looked at Beneficial Effects of Potassium. The team of scientists that did the review report that potassium is helpful in reducing blood pressure, balancing glucose, regulating electrolyte levels, and most importantly aiding in water weight reduction.

The International Journal of Obesity also published research (Nature.Com/articles/0801092) that indicated that potassium was important in reducing water weight among subjects that were involved the 2000 study.

Why Use Slim Select Garcinia?

A few things make Slim Select Garcinia worth your money and time. From the foregoing, it’s evident that Slim Select Garcinia is based on nutritional and health science. The formulation uses three components that have been shown by many researchers, to have reliable weight loss impacts.

Again, many people using it are reporting positive results. Our research team noticed that most of the Slim Select Garcinia customer reviews on online and offline platforms expressed satisfaction with the product. So unlike a few HCA-based supplements out there that don’t fulfill their promises as regards weight management, Slim Select Garcinia works just as it promises users.

Other features making Slim Select Garcinia worth trying out

  • The developer is based in the United States and is fully licensed to manufacture nutritional supplements. The company has experienced nutritionists and health experts who have helped produce some of the best quality diet pills in the weight loss industry.
  • The Slim Select Garcinia formula uses top-quality 100 percent organic components. The company is not taking any chances with their customers’ health. This is why they do not use harmful inorganic compounds that can pose serious health risks.
  • Slim Select Garcinia has been tested severally to ensure safety. All the clinical tests Slim Select Garcinia has undergone have shown that the pill is safe.
  • The developer follows the strict formulation and production guidelines put forward by the Food and Drug Administration Agency, FDA. This also ensures product safety.

The Benefits of Slim Select Garcinia

Rapid weight loss;
Slim Select Garcinia is formulated to trigger a rapid process of burning fats and thereby enhancing equally rapid weight loss. The five weight loss approaches of the Slim Select Garcinia ensure that with continued use of the pill, an individual achieves a sustained healthy body weight.

Improves metabolism;
The formula of Slim Select Garcinia detoxifies your digestive tract. This improves digestion which also improves your rate of metabolizing food. Improved food metabolism is key to avoiding bloating, indigestion, inflammation, and weight gain.

Increases your energy;
Improved digestion and food metabolism result in quicker and more efficient food absorption into the blood. This means that the food you consume is broken down and used for energy creation a lot quicker.

Stabilizes blood sugar;
Medical professionals have on several occasions pointed out the fact that sugar imbalances often come with such health conditions and diseases as obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Slim Select Garcinia keeps you away from these diseases and conditions by normalizing your glucose.

Elevates mood;
As discussed earlier, Slim Select Garcinia improves serotonin and norepinephrine amounts. Increased levels of these two hormones improve mood and get rid of depression and stress.

Suppresses appetite;
This among the five weight loss approaches of Slim Select Garcinia. By decreasing your cravings and need to eat, the pill limits calorie intake, which implies that the body has less fat to deal with. This way, you’ll be preventing new fats accumulation.

Boosts your immunity;
Slim Select Garcinia has both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant features which contribute to an elevated immunity.

Does Slim Select Garcinia Have Side Effects

Very few weight reduction pills come with minimal or no side effects. Slim Select Garcinia falls into this group. According to the testimonials and reviews of the product we came across, the pill does not cause any harmful effects. Customers already using the pill have not reported experiencing any unwanted symptoms. Most customers suggest that Slim Select Garcinia gives them what they expected.

Perhaps the reason this nutritional pill comes with zero side effects is that besides using purely organic ingredients, it’s formulated in FDA-approved labs and then clinically tested several times to guarantee safety. So get your Slim Select Garcinia bottle today, and you you’ll have to worry about possible negative health effects.

Who Can Use Slim Select Garcinia?

In the product website, the manufacturer states that Slim Select Garcinia has been specially created for healthy grown-ups of both genders. So any adult in need of a world-class pill should try Slim Select Garcinia. Its unique composition burns fat deposited on any part of them.

Who Cannot Use Slim Select Garcinia?

Unfortunately, the pill may only be ordered and used by grown-ups. So anyone below eighteen can’t use Slim Select Garcinia. Still, expectant moms, as well as, nursing moms cannot use Slim Select Garcinia. Again, anyone under medication must first see a certified doctor for advice before starting to use Slim Select Garcinia.

Where to Buy Slim Select Garcinia

This product is currently only sold online through the developer’s website. Adult customers place orders, leave their addresses, and their packages are shipped to them. If you are a new user, you can take advantage of the free trial the company is giving their new visitors.

Slim Select Garcinia: The Bottom Line

Considering the scientific findings our research team came across, it’s evident that Slim Select Garcinia is based on health and nutritional science. The developer combines three powerful purely natural components that work together to promote fat-burning. So in case you’re thinking about buying a weightloss pill, try Slim Select Garcinia, and you’re most likely going to achieve your goals regarding weight loss.