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Retro Slim Forskolin Review

Losing weight to get that attractive body you have always wanted can be such a task. While working out and eating the right foods is sure to help you achieve weight loss, getting yourself a quality dietary supplement will accelerate your progress. However, there are so much weight loss supplements on the market these days that finding one that truly works for you can be difficult.

In this post, we look at Retro Slim Forskolin, one of the dietary supplements that have caused a frenzy online, with many users claiming it helped them shed off several pounds within just weeks. Read through and discover what Retro Slim Forskolin promises to offer you, and if it really works.

What is Retro Slim Forskolin?

This is a dietary supplement with a unique formula that uses three of the top-rated ingredients for weight loss. The supplement promises to help users reduce their body weight significantly within a few weeks of usage. The supplement employs the weight loss impacts of forskolin, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green Coffee Extract to assist users to shed off extra fat.

Forskolin is among the most widely used compound in the weight loss industry. It is extracted for coleus forskohlii, an herb native to Asia. Historically, the herb has been used in several parts of Asia, South America, and Africa for treatment of a variety of health conditions. Research shows that it has potent fat-burning properties which is why it is an active ingredient in Retro Slim Forskolin.

Garcinia Cambogia is a pumpkin-shaped fruit also native to Asia. It has also been used culturally in parts of Asia such as India where it is very important in Ayurvedic medicine. Garcinia Cambogia contains an active compound known as HCA which as you might already be aware, has proven weight loss benefits. Among its weight-loss-related impacts include suppressing appetite and inhibiting lipogenesis, the fat-forming process.

How Does Retro Slim Forskolin Work?

It appears this supplement actually works. But how exactly does it work? While it has three active ingredients: Forskolin, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green Coffee Bean Extract, the former two are the most potent, and Retro Slim Forskolin relies heavily on their weight loss impacts.

Forskolin has thermogenic features which help to stimulate lipolysis (a biological process through with a human body burns down fat cells for energy). This is possible because once it gets into your body; forskolin activates an enzyme known as cAMP, the short for cyclic adenosine monophosphate. Once activated, cAMP increases the rate at which fat cells are broken down ultimately leading to reduced fat mass. The enzyme also boosts the levels of hormones like epinephrine, testosterone, and serotonin.

The supplement also uses HCA to achieve its objectives. When it gets into your body, HCA is known to inhibit the functions of enzyme citrate lyase. This enzyme is responsible for converting excess food into fat for storage in various body organs and tissues. So by inhibiting its activity, HCA prevents the accumulation of fats in your body.

HCA also suppresses your appetite, so you have fewer to no cravings and hunger pangs. This way, it prevents you from gaining more weight as you won’t overeat. Again, the compound balances blood glucose levels. Research shows that blood sugar imbalances can lead to weight gain, obesity, diabetes, among other health conditions.

Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCE) also has considerable weight reduction benefits. It has thermogenic properties which increase the rate at which your body metabolizes fat. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Weight gain and obesity are, in fact, the products of some inflammatory processes in the body. This is where the anti-inflammatory properties of Green Coffee Bean Extract come in handy.

What are the ingredients of Retro Slim Forskolin?

As already pointed out, the formulation of Retro Slim Forskolin uses Forskolin, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green Coffee Bean Extract. Several studies support the weight reduction claims of these ingredients.

  • Forskolin

Forskolin activates cAMP which, in turn, triggers lipolysis; preventing lipogenesis. It also regulates blood sugar and boosts serotonin, testosterone, and epinephrine levels.

Research done in 2013 investigating the effects of forskolin on free fatty acid oxidation indicated that the compound stimulated lipolysis by activation of cAMP. In their study report, the researchers conclude that coleus forskohlii is a practical and efficacious way of preventing weight gain and diet-induced obesity.

Another research conducted in 2013 investigating the effects of forskolin supplementation on human body composition as well as hormonal adaptation confirmed the potency of the compound as regards weight reduction. In the study, participants were given a 250-mg dose of the compound twice every day for up to 12 weeks. The participants later recorded reduced fat mass and increased lean muscle.

In 2005, researchers conducted a study to determine what effects coleus forskohlii had on body composition. In their findings , the researchers report that participants (obese women) recorded some weight reduction and their hunger pangs were significantly suppressed.

In another research published by NCBI, subjects were given either a 500-mg or a 700-mg dose of coleus forskohlii root extract 3 times daily for up to eight weeks. The report indicates that the subjects, aged between 50 and 80, had reduced BMI (2.6%-2.38%) and increased level of good cholesterol (11.81%).

  • Garcinia Cambogia

This ingredient contains HCA that suppresses appetite, inhibits enzyme citrate lyase (thereby promoting lipolysis), and balances blood sugar. It also boosts serotonin levels.

Research published by the American Journal of Medical Association revealed that Garcinia Cambogia (HCA) supplementation resulted in considerable reduction of body weight among participants. The research, whose report you can read here , also indicated that HCA supplementation helped participants reduce subcutaneous fat deposits.

Another research investigating the effects of using HCA as a supplement for weight loss, scientists demonstrated that the compound helped the subjects to reduce their body weight significantly. In their report, however, they recommend more research on the topic.

The impacts of HCA (Garcinia Cambogia) supplementation on fat deposits (adipose fat) was investigated in another research published online by ScienceDirect. Participants received 1000-mg doses once daily for up to three months. They recorded greatly reduced visceral fat.

A 2011 study investigating the impacts of Garcinia Cambogia when used as a weight reduction supplement revealed that HCA usage is an efficient way of preventing weight gain and improving weight loss. See the findings here.

One 2013 research showed that Garcinia Cambogia is a potent and active anti-obesity compound. Scientists showed that apart from preventing fat accumulation (lipogenesis), HCA balanced glucose levels in the blood and boosted serotonin levels among the participants. See the study findings here.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

Besides increasing fat metabolism through its thermogenic features, Green Coffee Bean Extract has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which offer you way more than just weight control.

Its weight loss impacts were investigated in one 2015 study. Researchers affirmed that the compound can indeed help reduce body weight besides also preventing weight gain. Check out the findings here.

Why Use Retro Slim Forskolin?

When choosing whether or not to use a dietary supplement, the most important thing to consider is if it really works. Because the ingredients of Retro Slim Forskolin are backed by science for weight reduction, it, therefore, means that the product is sure to help you achieve your weight reduction goals. Again, many online reviews from individuals that are already using the product have shown that it works. Many people are already losing weight with Retro Slim Forskolin.

Benefits of Retro Slim Forskolin

The supplement comes with a plethora of health benefits. Here are some of them;

  • Helps you lose weight quickly

The HCA suppresses your appetite, inhibits fat-formation, and boosts fat-burning. Forskolin also prevents fat-formation while boosting fat metabolism. Green Coffee Bean Extract also promotes fat metabolism. All these impacts combined are sure to accelerate your weight loss results.

  • Gets your blood sugar balanced

There exists evidence showing that blood sugar imbalances lead to weight gain, and even worse, obesity. Retro Slim Forskolin prevents such weight gain by balancing your glucose levels.

  • Your metabolism is increased

All the ingredients in this supplement work to boost your metabolism. This way, the food you consume is quickly converted to energy, leaving no room for the creation of fat deposits.

  • You get sufficient energy

This is possible because your metabolism is increased. With increased metabolism, food is quickly broken down to produce energy to keep active.

  • Your appetite is suppressed

Once this happens, you will avoid overeating. This way, the chances of you ingesting excess calories are greatly reduced. You will have, therefore, avoided weight gain.

  • Prevents various health problems

Besides helping you avoid obesity, Retro Slim Forskolin will help you avoid the risk of suffering from cardiovascular conditions like heart attacks, stroke, and high blood pressure. This is primarily because its ingredients will lower bad cholesterol and triglycerides in your body. Besides, by stabilizing blood glucose levels, this product will be preventing you from developing diabetes.

  • Your mood is elevated

HCA and Forskolin will boost serotonin levels in your body. This hormone is known to result in happy feelings. It will lower depression, stress, and anxiety and keep you active.

Some Important Features of Retro Slim Forskolin

  • This supplement has been approved by the FDA which means that it is a legit product.
  • The supplement uses 100% organic ingredients without any chemical modifications or additives.
  • It has undergone a series of trials which have confirmed that it is 100% safe for consumption.
  • Retro Slim Forskolin is manufactured in the United States of America by a legit company.
  • The manufacturer is fully registered and also certified by GMP.

Does Retro Slim Forskolin Have Any Side Effects?

There are no known Retro Slim Forskolin side effects. The manufacturer does not mention any, and when we searched Google, we could not find any. Customer reviews also don’t mention any possible side effects.

However, on its own, Garcinia Cambogia may have some possible side effects to some people. These include mild headaches, dry mouth, brain fog, fuzziness, fatigue, and nausea. The effects are, however, not serious. In addition, the compound may also have drug interactions with some medications (including liver and kidney problems, asthma medications).

Who Can Use Retro Slim Forskolin?

If you’re looking to cut off some pounds and look lean and attractive. Retro Slim Forskolin was made for you. It’s created to burn those excess fat deposits and prevent you from putting on more weight. However, only adults (men and women) and can use the product.

Who Cannot Use Retro Slim Forskolin?

No person below 21 is allowed to use this weight loss supplement. It’s not yet clear if its formula can have adverse effects on unborn babies, infants, toddlers, and young children of all ages. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers and also the expectant women are strongly counseled against using the product.

Again, if you’re taking drugs that treat asthma, kidney or liver damage, then you should first talk to a certified doctor for advice before using Retro Slim Forskolin. This is because, as seen, Garcinia Cambogia may have interactions with the drugs.

Where to Buy Retro Slim Forskolin

The product is currently only sold through the manufacturer’s official website. No other online store stocks it. New visitors are given a fourteen-day free trial once they place an order. During the 14 days, they will be supplied with Retro Slim Forskolin at only shipping charges. Unfortunately, no promo codes are available for the product.

Final Thoughts

Retro Slim Forskolin appears to be a great dietary supplement considering that research supports the weight loss benefits of its ingredients. This means that it’s a product you can trust to offer you what it promises. This is further affirmed by the testimonials as well as reviews available online. Given the health benefits, Retro Slim Forskolin will provide you apart from weight reduction and weight control; you should probably consider using it. However, it is extremely worth noting that, often, any quality dietary supplement delivers its best results when the user exercises regularly and makes good food choices.

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