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Radiantly Slim Review

Radiantly Slim is among the most talked about weight loss supplements on various online and offline platforms today. The manufacturer claims that the product can help users shed off significant body weight within a few weeks. However, with the current influx of such dietary supplements into the market, being skeptical of such promises is possible especially given that some of these products have turned out to be outright scams.

Being the helpful folks we are, we took a keener look at Radiantly Slim-its ingredients, how it works, its weight loss promises, and if it really fulfills them. So in case you’re looking for a safe and reliable weight loss supplement to help you achieve your weight loss goals, read on to find out whether or not Radiantly Slim is worth trying out.

What is Radiantly Slim?

This is a weight loss supplement that, according to the manufacturer, uses a one-of-a-kind formula to accelerate weight loss while also preventing weight gain. The manufacturer uses carefully selected ingredients which include Garcinia Cambogia and Forskolin). These two are among the top-rated ingredients used in many weight loss pills.

Garcinia Cambogia is a small fruit indigenous to India and Southern Asia. The fruit contains an active compound called HCA whose supplementation has considerable weight loss benefits. Among the benefits of HCA are inhibiting fat cell formation and suppressing appetite.

Forskolin, another active ingredient in Radiantly Slim is a compound extracted from an herb called Coleus forskohlii, also indigenous to Asia. The herb is widely used in Asia, South America, Central, and Eastern Africa to treat and cure a variety of health problems. Radiantly Slim takes advantage of Forskolin’s weight loss properties. Research shows that the compound improves fat-burning activities when ingested.

Does Radiantly Slim Work?

When looking for a safe and reliable supplement, this is perhaps the most important question to ask. So does this supplement actually work? It appears so.

As noted, Radiantly Slim utilizes Garcinia Cambogia and Forskolin as its primary active ingredients. While it has other ingredients, these two seem to be the most predominant. The HCA in Garcinia Cambogia suppresses your appetite, reducing your hunger pangs and cravings. This way, the amount of calories you consume from food is limited, which is helpful to your weight control endeavors.

Again, HCA blocks an enzyme called citrate lyase which is primarily responsible for building up fat cells. The blocking of citrate lyase ultimately reduces the amount of fat deposits in your body. Again, it elevates serotonin levels which further contribute to a full feeling. HCA also balances your blood sugar levels (research strongly links obesity to imbalanced blood glucose levels).

Forskolin has thermogenic properties which stimulate lipolysis, the fat-burning process. It does this by activating cyclic adenosine monophosphate, cAMP. This is also an enzyme responsible for activating lipolysis, among other metabolic process. Once you achieve lipolysis, your body burns down stored fat and prevents the creation of new fat deposits resulting in a greatly reduced fat mass. cAMP also works by increasing the amounts of hormones like serotonin, testosterone, and epinephrine.

Also, Radiantly Slim works by utilizing the weight loss effects of its other ingredients: Lemon extract, green tea extract, and essential vitamins. Specifically, lemon and green tea extracts have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and thermogenic features that help reduce body weight. Did you know that weight gain is actually a result of an inflammatory process?

What are the ingredients of Radiantly Slim?

This supplement uses five ingredients in its potent formula;

Garcinia Cambogia
Contains HCA responsible for;

  • Suppressing appetite
  • Inhibiting enzyme citrate lyase, responsible for fat-forming
  • Stabilizes blood glucose, thus contributing to weight management
  • Boosts metabolism and levels of the hormone serotonin

Scientific Evidence for Weight Loss

In one study, researchers reported that Garcinia Cambogia supplementation led to considerable weight loss among participants. They, however, recommended more rigorous studies to further affirm their findings.

In another study that was published in the Journal of American Medical Association, it was found that HCA supplementation led to a significant reduction in body fat among the participants. The participants also recorded a substantial reduction in subcutaneous fats.

Another 2013 study reported that HCA has powerful anti-obesity effects. In their report, the researchers indicate that besides reducing lipogenesis, the fat-forming process, the compound also balanced blood glucose and increased the levels of hormone serotonin in the participants. HCA supplementation also increased lipolysis.

In a clinical study investigating the extent of the effects of Garcinia Cambogia on adipose fat, subjects recorded reduced visceral fat after taking 1000-mg doses of HCA daily for 3 months. The report was published by ScienceDirect.

In 2011, research on the effects of Using of HCA as a Weight Reduction Supplement showed that the compound could be used to generate weight loss. The study’s report was published by NCBI.


  • Activates cAMP
  • Triggers lipolysis
  • Inhibits lipogenesis
  • Regulates blood glucose
  • Elevates hormones like epinephrine, serotonin, and testosterone

Scientific Evidence for Weight Loss

A 2005 study investigated the effects of coleus forskohlii on body compositions and hormonal adaptations. The subjects received a 250-mg dose of forskolin twice daily for a 12-week course. On completion of the study, the subjects recorded greatly increased lean muscle mass and reduced body fat mass.

In 2013, another group of scientists looked at forskolin’s effects on free fatty acids in rats. Their findings suggest that the compound stimulated fat-burning (lipolysis) through the activation of the enzyme cAMP. They concluded that coleus forskohlii is an efficient and effective herb for preventing diet-induced obesity. Check out the scientists’ report here.

In another research published here, a group of patients of between ages 50 to 80 were given a 700-mg or a 500-mg dose of forskolin 3 times every day for two months. The findings indicate that they recorded a considerable decrease in body mass index by between 2.6% and 2.38%. Their good cholesterol’ levels also increased by 11.81%.

The effects of forskolin on body composition were yet again investigated in a 2005 research .The findings reveal that while the decrease in body weight was little, forskolin prevented weight gain among obese women. The women also reported suppressed appetite.

Green tea extract

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Its thermogenic properties stimulate lipolysis
  • Boosts metabolism

Scientific Evidence for Weight Loss

In 2013, research that looked at the effects of GTE on fatty acid oxidation revealed that the compound increases fat-burning during exercise as well as during rest. Another trial affirmed these findings by showing that treatment with GTE stimulated fat oxidation among patients.

Scholars from Keimyung University’s School of Medicine investigated GTE’s effects on weight loss. They reported that the compound can be used as a remedy for weight gain.

In 2010, researchers looked at GTE’s effects on human health. In their findings, the researchers indicate that GTE has flavonoids called catechins that increase lipolysis. The compound reduces high-fat-diet-induced obesity. It also prevents the risk of cardiovascular conditions. In 2009, another study affirmed the weight loss effects of catechins.

Lemon extract

  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Its thermogenic properties stimulate lipolysis
  • Boosts metabolism

Scientific Evidence for Weight Loss

A Japanese study in 2008 showed that lemon extracts suppressed diet-induced weight gain. It also decreased the formation of fat cells, thus decreasing the accumulation of fat deposits. Another research investigating the same effects concurred with these findings.

Essential vitamins

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Increase thermogenesis
  • Increase immunity

Scientific Evidence for Weight Loss

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published research in 2014 showing that supplementation with essential vitamins (especially vitamin D) resulted in considerable body weight reduction among overweight women. See the findings here .

Why Should You Use Radiantly Slim?

Clearly, there is sufficient research evidence supporting Radiantly Slim’s weight loss claims. Again, the product is already being used by several people, and many have reported seeing significant results within a few weeks. So unlike other dietary supplements, Radiantly Slim appears to be living up to its promises: offering users fast weight loss results.

The benefits of Radiantly Slim

Quick weight loss
Its formula has forskolin and HCA as the primary active ingredients. As seen, both components have proven powerful weight loss impacts. Coupled with the benefits of GTE, essential vitamins and Lemon Extracts, Radiantly Slim gives you rapid weight loss results.

Suppresses hunger pangs
This way, the amount of fats and carbs you eat are limited. This will contribute to an overall decrease in body weight.

Stabilizes blood sugar level

By preventing blood sugar hikes, Radiantly Slim does not only help you to manage your weight, but prevents obesity, cardiovascular problems, and many other health-related issues.

Increases metabolic rate

With increased metabolism, the rate at which food is converted to energy is increased. The fat deposits in your body will as well be frequently converted to energy resulting in decreased body weight.

Boots energy levels, keeping you active
Increased metabolism directly results in more energy since food is frequently converted to energy.

Elevates your mood
The ingredients in Radiantly Slim like HCA and forskolin have shown to improve serotonin levels in the body. This hormone causes happy feelings and, therefore, reduces depression, stress, and anxiety.

Lowers bad cholesterol
LDL or bad cholesterol’ is linked to such health problems as obesity and cardiovascular conditions. Radiantly Slim works to reduce LDL while increasing HDL or the good cholesterol.’

Important Features of Radiantly Slim

  • The product is FDA-approved which means it is legit
  • Listed as safe for use by humans
  • 100% natural ingredients; no added chemicals, which makes it even safer for use
  • Made in the United States by a fully registered manufacturer
  • The manufacturer is GMP certified

Radiantly Slim Side Effects

Since the manufacturer has not listed any side effects, we did a thorough search on Google to find out if the supplement had any harmful effects. We didn’t find any. User testimonial and reviews also suggest that the supplement is completely safe. So, apparently, this is among those few dietary supplements that do not cause any unwanted harmful effects.

However, you might want to consider the fact that Garcinia Cambogia on its own may have some interactions with a few medications (such as those that treat asthma, liver and kidney problems). Again, it has been shown to cause weakness, brain fog, fuzziness, dry mouth, and mild headaches in some people.

Who can use Radiantly Slim?

Any healthy adult individual can use Radiantly Slim to prevent weight gain and also lose weight. Its formula is proven to burn stubborn fat and accelerates the metabolism of carbohydrates. So in case you want to eliminate the fat deposits in your body and become lean and attractive, Radiantly Slim is made for you.

Who cannot use Radiantly Slim?

Unfortunately, though, Radiantly Slim is only meant to be used by adult individuals. So if you are below 21, you cannot use the product. Also, for the safety of both the born and unborn babies, breastfeeding mothers and expectant women are advised against using Radiantly Slim. This is because it’s not yet known whether or not the product’s formula has adverse side effects on young children.

In addition, as a result of the already discussed possible Garcinia Cambogia drug interactions, individuals on asthma, kidney or liver damage medications are also strongly advised to consult a certified doctor before taking Radiantly Slim for weight loss.

Where to buy Radiantly Slim

The product is only sold by the manufacturer through their official website. It is not available on any online retail store. The manufacturer is giving a 2-week free trial for all new visitors. Once you place your order, you’ll be supplied with Radiantly Slim for 14 days. You’ll only pay for shipping and handling. The company, however, is presently not offering any promo codes for this product.

Final Verdict on Radiantly Slim

Unlike many other dietary supplements on the shelves today, Radiantly Slim appears to be an effective weight loss product. Given the scientific evidence supporting its claims, its health benefits, and the many user reviews attesting to its positive results, you may want to consider using it. However, while on it, it is still advisable that you maintain a healthy diet and stay physically active to complement its effects.

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