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Updated: 06/09/2018

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Purefit Keto Reviews

Perhaps you have put on weight, and despite your hard work at the gym and trying to eat right, the stubborn fat is still lingering on, and this is stressing you. Good news is that with the aid of a good quality supplement, you can get rid of those stubborn fat deposits bulging out from various parts of your body. There are numerous brands of weight loss supplements to choose from, and by shopping for quality, you are sure to get one that will work for you.

Purefit Keto is among the best and most popular weightloss supplements in the market today. Many people looking for a healthy, effective, and safe way to burn fat have come across the supplement, and according to reviews, it is helping them amazingly. However, we understand that you might be a little skeptical about using supplements for weight if you haven’t tried one before and especially given the fact that a few products have previously been outright scams. So if you are wondering whether or not Purefit Keto really works, read through this detailed objective review. We have looked at how it works and the reason it is among the most reliable supplements in a weight loss market thronged by thousands of similar products.

Let’s Begin By Understanding What Purefit Keto Is…

purefit keto loss

Purefit Keto is a unique Ketone-based supplement, specially formulated to burn excess fat. The formula of Purefit Keto focuses on shedding off stubborn fat deposits around the neck, arms, abdomen, facial fat, et cetera. This makes the pill a perfect choice since different individuals are often predisposed to fat accumulation differently.

The ketone present in this product is Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which is obtained from raspberries. Among the weight-loss actions of the ketone is forcing the body to a state of Ketosis. Once the body is in this state, it no longer primarily uses glucose in creating energy, but instead, fat is used. Therefore, this implies that the fats accumulated in parts of your body will be burned up to produce energy. This weightloss approach is what forms the basis of the Ketogenic diet. Purefit Keto helps you achieve and maintain Ketosis for extended periods even when you’re not on the Ketogenic diet.

Again, like most ketone-based supplements, this product achieves results by leveraging the potency of Beta-hydroxybutyrate. Its formula also includes three other all-natural ingredients: Turmeric Extracts, L-Carnitine, and Citrus aurantium. The supplement combines the weight-loss properties of all these ingredients to help increase calorie burning most naturally and efficiently. It is important to note at this point that Purefit Keto has been tested clinically by medical experts and researchers who have guaranteed its potency, safety, and effectiveness.

Before we delve into how this supplement works lets first understand the ingredients…

purefit ketone

The Ingredients of Purefit Keto

As noted, Purefit Keto combines four natural ingredients namely;

  • Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)
  • Turmeric Extracts
  • L-Carnitine
  • Citrus aurantiumWe researched these ingredients and found that a lot of studies support their weight loss claims. Here are some of the research studies we came across;

Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

BHB triggers Ketosis and helps to maintain it. It is a natural Ketone critical for Ketosis to occur.

A study report published in 2014 by the Journal of Extreme Physiology and Medicine noted that Exogenous Ketones such as Beta-hydroxybutyrate could lower fatty acids in humans. During the study, 15 healthy individuals were given drinks with a variety of Exogenous Ketones like BHB. All of them experienced lower triglyceride concentration, stabilized blood sugar, and reduced free fatty acids.

Another research done by researchers at Westfield State University found that Beta-hydroxybutyrate decreased adipose fats. The study also ascertained that the Ketone could reduce low-density cholesterol which can result in weight loss in humans.

This article published by Jama Network in January 2018 highlights research findings that Beta-hydroxybutyrate triggers Ketosis prevents type 2 diabetes and boosts weight loss.

Scientists from the University of South Florida in the United States and Italy’s University of Padova researched the potency of BHB as regards weightloss. Their findings confirm that the Ketone can actually start Ketosis and lead to metabolism of adipose fats and reduce lipid biomarkers.

German researchers at the University of Applied Sciences, Muenster, conducted a study that also found similar results. The research was published by the Journal of Metabolism and Nutrition.

In another trial scientists found that BHB reduced LDL, lipid biomarkers, and stabilized sugar levels..

Turmeric Extracts

Turmeric Extracts come in various forms including Turmeric Oleoresin, Turmerones, and Curcumin. They all have potent health benefits. For instance, they have anti-inflammatory actions once ingested. Studies have ascertained that weight gain can sometimes come from inflammations. Again, Turmeric extracts have thermogenic actions which boost fat metabolism. Their anti-oxidant features also suppress inflammations and the resulting free radicals that they form.

A study conducted in China by a joint team of researchers from the Medical University of Kunming, Hong Kong Baptist University, and the Southwest Medical University, Luzhou, found that Turmeric Extracts (Curcumin and Quercetin) are effective in weightloss.

Another research published by the Journal of Food also found that Curcumin can trigger fat burning.

This other study published in 2017 by the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry found interesting Turmeric Extracts’ weightloss results. The research found that a 0.2% to about 2% concentration of Curcumin could produce considerable reduction of body fat.

Citrus Aurantium

This organic compound is extracted from citrus fruits. Evidence shows that the compound contains potent anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and thermogenic actions.

This research that was done in 2014 and then published by the Experimental Biology Journal ascertained that citrus Aurantium has thermogenic features. Researchers noted that when combined with St John’s Wort and Caffeine, the organic compound could improve weightloss.

Different researchers also showed citrus Aurantium could burn fat. Their study involved 9 young women who were given a daily dose of the compound for 2 weeks. The women ended up losing 2.5Kg of fat mass after the 14 days. Another team of researchers also confirmed that citrus Aurantium has weight-loss benefits.


This compound is helpful in the processes of fat oxidation. Studies reveal that it is especially critical in transporting long-chain fatty acids to sites (mitochondria) whereby they are then utilized to form adenosine triphosphate, ATP. The compound is, in fact, a nutrient and therefore when it’s deficient, fat oxidation is altered, and this leads to additional weight.

The Nutritional Journal published research showing that L-Carnitine assists in fat oxidation and, thus, plays a pivotal role in fat-burning. Findings also state that L-Carnitine reduces oxidative stress significantly.

Similar results were found by a different group of researchers who showed apart from improving weight-loss, L-Carnitine has other benefits including treatment and prevention of type 1 diabetes, autism, heart attack, male infertility.

This study on The Effects of L-Carnitine on Weight Loss in Adults also recorded positive findings. Supplementation with L-Carnitine was seen to activate fatty acid oxidation, stabilize sugar, reduce triglycerides, and promote weight-loss. However, the scientists maintained that more positive results were possible if subjects exercised regularly.

Here Is a Step By Step Guide Of How Pure Keto Fit Works…

This dietary supplement works in multiple ways to bring about weight-loss. According to information provided on the developer’s website, here are four actions the supplement takes to enhance the burning of fats;

1. Achieving Ketosis and maintaining it

As mentioned earlier, the Beta-hydroxybutyrate in the Purefit Keto formula forces your body to switch to Ketosis, and once this is done, it helps you maintain that state. Naturally, to achieve Ketosis, whereby the body begins to use fat as the main substrate for producing energy, there must be sufficient levels of ketones in your bloodstream. This is why Purefit Keto includes the potent BHB in its composition.

The Ketone is quickly absorbed once it’s ingested and it immediately begins changing your metabolism. Upon reaching Ketosis, fat deposits and the fat you eat in food are metabolized quickly to replace glucose as the substrate for producing energy. With continued usage of Purefit Keto, your fat mass will ultimately decrease substantially leading to weightloss.

2. Preventing fat production

The formula of Purefit Keto also prevents fat-producing processes called lipogenesis and adipogenesis. When you don’t have fat being actively produced, it implies that no fats accumulated in the body. The formula of this effective supplement blocks the actions of citric lyase, a hormone that’s often responsible for stimulating conversion of carbs into fat cells.

When citric lyase is hindered, excess carbs are converted to energy or excreted rather than being stored as fats. Your body, therefore, doesn’t have to deal with any new fats but only those already existing. This accelerates your weightloss results. Besides, since excess carbs are converted to energy, you will have more energy to adhere to your exercise regimen, further promoting weight-loss.

3. Controlling your appetite

The formula of this fast-acting fat-burner will also help you to control your appetite by limiting carb cravings and generally reducing hunger pangs. Excess carbs are the major cause of rapid weight gain. So by helping to control hunger, the supplement makes it easier for you to keep your body weight in check. Note that it is often challenging to maintain healthy body weight if you can’t control your appetite and eat healthily.

4. Purefit Keto also boosts serotonin production

Hormone serotonin is critical in stabilizing mood. High serotonin levels make it easier for an individual to manage anxiety, depression, and stress better. Research has shown that stress is among the leading causes of excessive weight gain. Now, by increasing the production of this hormone, Purefit Keto prevents you from falling victim of binge eating and stress-induced weight gain. Besides weight gain, stress can also cause a variety of other health issues. Reliable research has ascertained that when stressed is managed; one can easily adhere to a workout regimen and maintain a diet.

We also noticed that Beta-hydroxybutyrate balances insulin levels. This neurotransmitter is important in metabolizing carbs and stabilizing blood sugar. Many reliable studies have it that insulin imbalances can expose individuals to rapid weight gain and, consequently, obesity. So through stabilizing insulin, this efficient fat-burning supplement prevents weight gain.

Why Use Purefit Keto?

Perhaps the major reason you should use Purefit Keto is that as seen, its formula is based entirely on nutritional and medical science. The studies we have listed, among others, back the Purefit Keto ingredients for weight-loss. The formula brings together 4 powerful ingredients that are sure to boost fat-burning. The supplement blends into whatever diet you are on and help you eliminate stubborn fat.

Again, it appears Purefit Keto is already being used by many people out there. A Google search returned numerous reviews most of which suggest that customers are happy with the product. So considering these two facts: the scientific backing and positive customer reviews, you should probably order your bottle today and begin burning fat.

What else makes Purefit Keto a supplement worth purchasing?

  • Made with all-natural ingredients
    Purefit Keto has been formulated from purely organic ingredients with proven health benefits. The company does not use any chemical additives which can be harmful to your health. For this reason, with Purefit Keto, you can rest assured that all you will get is fat burning, and as a result, weight loss.
  • It has passed several safety tests
    As noted earlier, medical experts and health researchers have tested Purefit Keto clinically on many occasions. The fat-burner has passed all these safety trials, which again implies that it’s safe and you need not worry about adverse side effects.
  • FDA-approved
    Purefit Keto’s formulation is approved by the Food and Drugs Administration agency. It is manufactured and also packaged according to the guidelines provided by FDA. This further sees to it that the product is safe. Again, the laboratories in which the supplement is produced have been certified by GMP.
  • It is a United States made product
    The company behind this fast-acting nutritional supplement has its major manufacturing plant in the United States. According to information on the firm’s website, it has been active in the weight-loss industry for over 15 years and boasts of having among the most experienced health researchers and medical experts in the industry.
  • It comes packed with more than weight-loss
    Purefit Keto does not only give weight-loss results but provides other additional health benefits as well. Some of these extra benefits include prevention and treating such diseases and conditions as type 1 diabetes, male infertility, heart attack, liver problems, and gastrointestinal health problems, among others.

How To Get The Best From Purefit Keto

You will reap the most from any nutritional supplement if you complement its weightloss actions with a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine. Often, supplements do not give the best results when acting independently. Their work is to supplement. So while using Purefit Keto, here are 3 tips to help obtain the best results;

Follow the recommended dosage accordingly

The manufacturer recommends two pills a day. Note that increasing your daily dosage won’t increase the working of supplement. And as you already know, overdosing can be harmful. Take the pills one or two hours after or before meals so that they can be absorbed without any interference from digestion.

Stay active

Staying physically active doesn’t necessarily have to involve going to the gym. Even just walking, running, jogging, biking, skating, doing laundry, et cetera, can be helpful.

Eat right

Avoid junk food as much as possible. Processed carbs, sweetened drinks, and deep fried on-the-go foods are among the unhealthy options. If possible, prepare your own healthy meals. Plant-based foods are advisable. Snack on fruits and vegetables and do away with those unhealthy snacks in your fridge.

The Benefits of Purefit Keto

Of course, the primary benefit of Purefit Keto is stimulating rapid weight loss. As mentioned, it achieves these through a number of actions including;

– Blocking fat production
– Enhancing fat-metabolism
– Stabilizing insulin levels, and hence, glucose levels
– Helping the user to achieve, as well as, maintain Ketosis
– Stimulating serotonin production.

Besides weight loss, here are other benefits of using Purefit Keto

It detoxifies your alimentary canal (digestive tract)

The composition of Purefit Keto, as noted earlier, contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. These actions will detoxify your alimentary canal by eliminating such issues as bloating, harmful acids, and excessive gas. Again, by detoxifying your digestive tract, the supplement boosts fat metabolism.

Reduces appetite

The supplement will reduce cravings for carbohydrates and urge to eat unnecessarily. Carbs are the major culprit for rapid body weight gain. The supplement reduces the signals for the need for more food even when your body doesn’t really need it.

It helps to develop High Density Lipoprotein

High Density Lipoprotein, HDL (also referred to as the “good cholesterol”) enhances your immunity substantially, making you healthier. Purefit Keto’s formula helps to develop this cholesterol while eliminating the “bad cholesterol” (Low-Density Lipoprotein) that has been linked to a number of health problems including obesity and high blood pressure.

Increases metabolism and thus increases the rate of energy output

Purefit Keto not only boosts fat-metabolism but promotes even the metabolism of carbs. When your metabolism is running correctly, the rate at which the body produces energy increases. Therefore, you will have enough energy to adhere to your fitness workout routine.

Prevents various diseases

The ingredients of Purefit Keto are used in treating and preventing various illnesses and conditions. As noted earlier, these conditions include, among others: Type 1 diabetes, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, heart attack, and obesity.

Does Purefit Keto Have Side Effects?

Our research team didn’t find any harmful Purefit Keto side effects. Customer reviews on offline, as well as, online platforms don’t list any adverse effects of using the supplement. Most of the testimonials and reviews only indicate positive experiences.

The reason Purefit Keto comes without any possible harmful side effects is that its formula doesn’t consist of any chemical additives. Fillers, preservatives, and other inorganic chemicals are, often, what results in adverse symptoms when using a supplement. Purefit Keto uses only the four natural ingredients discussed here.

Who Cannot Use Purefit Keto?

The Purefit Keto formula cannot be utilized by children. It’s strictly meant for healthy adults. This implies that even adults undergoing treatment or using any kind of medication must seek guidance from a physician before starting the Purefit Keto dosage.

Again, the formula isn’t recommended for use by pregnant moms or breastfeeding moms. A woman that is breastfeeding or expectant needs to make sure that nothing affects her alters any natural process in her body. So if you have an unborn baby or breastfeeding one, talk to your medical doctor for alternative ways of losing weight.

Here Are Some User Results From Using Purefit Keto

I lost my baby weight using purefit keto and feel like i was back in college. Its amazing how much weight you can put on in 12 years but its even crazy how much you can lose with purefit keto. Great invention, great product! – Sadie 

I haven’t got a 6 pack but from what i used too look like! Damn, i look a world of good better! I will keep using this supplement, i lost so much weight in 2 months alone! – Rebecca 34

I really piled on the pounds in my twenties but now im looking younger than ever in my 30’s! What a great supplement! – Mike 32

I am a regular gym user but i could never get the toned stomach i wanted. Purefit keto made this happen. Amazing! – Heidi 28

The real-life weight loss results are the reason why Purefit Keto is a big seller, regularly running out of stock.

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Where Should I Purchase Purefit Keto

purefit keto official

Our researchers found that Purefit Keto is presently only sold online through the website of the official manufacturer. New customers get to try the product for a discounted price.

Sadly there are many fakes out there. To avoid buying fakes ALWAYS buy from the Official Purefit Keto website. Use the coupon below to get the best deal.

*Please Note – Only Buy Directly From The Official Website!

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purefit keto

Final Thoughts on Purefit Keto

Considering customer reviews, and most importantly, the numerous studies that support Purefit Keto’s formula for weightloss, it’s clear that the fat-burner is effective, safe, and reliable. Many people are benefiting from using it, and you can as well start reaping its weight-loss benefits today. So in case you are still wondering what fat-burning supplement to use, Purefit Keto is the best choice. Get it, use it as recommended and you’ll begin experiencing results within a few weeks.