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Forskolin Extreme Review

Does Forskolin Extreme really work? Detailed Evidence-based Review

Forskolin Extreme is an all-natural weight loss supplement made from the Forskolin root. The main ingredient in this supplement just as the name suggests is Forskolin which is a naturally occurring compound found prominently in the in the root of an Asian herb known as Coleus Forskoli. This plant is a highly medicinal purple-flowering botanical herb.

So what exactly is Forskolin?

This is the main ingredient in this supplement, it is an active and highly potent compound present in the rots of Coleus Forskolin also known as the Indian Coleus. Genetically, this plant is closely related to mint. For many centuries, this highly medicinal plant has been a staple for traditional herbal medicine in Asia specifically India. It has been shown to be extremely helpful in treating a variety of ailments. Exhaustive research has ascertained that the health benefits claimed by the manufacturer of Forskolin Extreme are plausible.

Forskolin extreme gained popularity in the United States after being featured on multiple episodes of the Dr Oz show in January 2014. This is a popular health-based show that focuses on healthy living and weight loss. Dr Oz, the host of the show also occasionally takes time to review products he deems safe and effective. He called Forskolin Extreme a ‘reliable and healthy approach to weight loss.’

How does Forskolin Extreme work?

Numerous clinical studies have attempted to investigate the effects of Forskolin (the main potent ingredient is this formulation has on the metabolism of fats. Most of these clinical studies entail animal studies and test-tube experiments. Some human studies have also been carried out. Simply put, Forskolin Extreme works by stimulating the release of fats stored as reserves. The stored fats are metabolised and released as energy.

The truth is that the conversion of the stored fat into energy is not enough to aid is steady weight loss. To lose weight steadily and manage to keep it off, yum us maintain caloric deficit. Put simply, for steady weight loss to be a reality the energy expenditure (amount of calories lost) needs to exceed (caloric intake).Forskolin Extreme will help maintain Caloric deficit by:

  • Suppressing appetite substantially
  • Helps to reduce the efficiency of digestion-when this happens your body takes longer to digest and absorb food, this way you remain fuller for longer. 
  • Forskolin Extreme boosts metabolic rate (fat burning significantly. Additionally, this highly effective and fast acting weight loss supplement also helps you preserve muscle mass.

Let’s now looks at a clinical study that was aimed at determining the efficiency of Forskolin as a weight loss agent

There are numerous human studies carried out to ascertain the viability and potency of Forskolin for weight loss. This trial was randomised and controlled which is the current gold standard for scientific research or testing products n human beings. This human clinical trial recruited a total of 30 overweight and clinically obese men. The 30 subjects were randomly assigned into 2 groups.

Forskolin Group

Fifteen men were given 250 mg of Forskolin Extreme supplement. The exact dosage given to this group was 250 mg twice a day for 3 months (12 weeks) consistently

Placebo Group

 Fifteen men were given the same dosage of dummy pills

After 12 weeks (3 months) a comparison was made between the men in the 2 different groups. Subjects who took Forskolin lost significantly more fat as compared to the men in the placebo group. Men in both groups were subjected to the same healthy diet and regular exercise regimen.

Benefits of taking the Forskolin Extreme supplement


  • When combined with a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen, this supplement will help lose weight steadily and also help you keep it off
  • With time you will notice that you are more in control of your racing s and the hunger pangs are not as frequent
  • Your level of cholesterol will decrease significantly
  • Your blood sugar levels particularly if you are suffering from Diabetes will stabilise although researchers are still trying to ascertain whether this is true
  • The direct from seller sae model is convenient to the user because they are sure they are buying from a legitimate source and at a fair price.


  • Forskolin Extreme is not a substitute for any prescriptions given to you by a doctor
  • Before you take this on any other supplement sin the market you need to 
  • Only take the recommended dosage which is 2 pills a day an hour after or before your meal
  • Follow up Phenterage supplementation with regular exercise and eating healthy
  • Consistency is the key to achieving your weight loss goals; Rome was not built in day so you will reach your body goals overnight. You must be patient, consistent.

What are benefits of including Forskolin Extreme supplement in your weight loss plan?

There are many benefits that you can get from taking this supplementing and making it part of your weight loss regimen

Help to speed up fat metabolism and also blocks fat accumulation

This is one of the most mind-blowing benefits of using this weight-loss supplement. Forskolin boosts fat metabolism and also helps prevent the accumulation of fats. If you lose all the fat that your body forms, you will not have the problem of loosing fat reserves. You will actually be losing weight by dealing with the root of the problem. Unlike other supplements in the market that are just superficial, this supplement actually addresses the foundation of excessive weight gain

Forskolin Extreme specifically targets stubborn fats and helps you get rid of it

Different people are predisposed to storing fat differently, however; there are some few common problem areas that most people deal with such as abdominal fat. To lose these stubborn fats you must not only maintain caloric deficit but must actually get your body to convert the reserves into energy and this is what this supplement does. With this highly-effective supplement there is no doubt that your dream of a flat toned tummy will be a reality sooner than you realize.

Forskolin Extreme is a viable option for persons suffering from Diabetes

To have a real short at managing Diabetes you need to keep your weight in check which can be difficult since most supplements just make the situation worse. This supplement is specifically formulated to cater for the needs of Diabetics. The reason this supplement is okay for Diabetics is that Forskolin (the main active ingredient) helps to inhibit the excessive production of pancreatic enzymes that hinder the metabolism of carbohydrates.

How to get the best and most from Forskolin Extreme

What most people are unaware of is that a supplement will not help you lose eight on its own; it is meant to complement your other weight loss efforts. This means that eating all the junk food in the world as you take this supplement will bear no positive results.

  • Take the recommended dosage consistently just like the manufacturer recommends

Forskolin only guarantees you the desired results if you follow the rules and instructions of the manufacturer. Losing weight is challenging and the only way to get lasting results is by being consistent no matter the challenges. 

  • Consider taking this supplement with apple cider vinegar instead of taking it with water

The best liquid accompaniment to pair with Forskolin Extreme is apple cider vinegar and not water. ACV not only possesses weight loss qualities, but also helps inhibit fat accumulation and also reduce appetite so that you can more control over what you eat.

  • Forskolin Extreme is not the whole equation just part of it

What does this mean? This means that in order to maintain a caloric deficit, you must also practice a healthy diet and maintain a thorough exercise regimen. Exercise regularly and if you don’t have the time to do so then maintain an active lifestyle. Make simple changes in your life such as taking the stairs instead of taking the escalator or lift.  

 Healthy eating is not as complicated as most people make it sound, simply reduce junk and processed foods. Substitute junk with healthy fruits and vegetables. Also include lean proteins in your diet and reduce the amount of red meat you eat. These simple changes will go a long way. Additionally, take as much water as you can. At least 2 litres of water daily will suffice. Al you are doing is providing the best environment for this supplement to work excellently.


Forskolin Extreme is a reliable and trustworthy supplement that will help you shed off those extra pounds that are holding you back. That perfectly chiselled body and flat tummy you have always wanted is within your reach. All you have to do is get on a weight loss plan and start taking Forskolin Extreme to supplement your efforts.  Click here to access the official Forskolin Extreme website…

The best place to buy this supplement is from their official website. The manufacturer is extremely confident in the potency and effectiveness of their product that they even offer a free trial period. This way you are able to test out the product before actually buying it.

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